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Discussing The Need For Plumbing Services

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When Your Well Pump Isn't Well – 3 Telltale Signs You Need Professional Plumbing Repairs

Water well pumps are critical components of your home's plumbing system. They serve crucial functions of keeping constant water pressure throughout your home. There are various types of water well pumps, but the two common categories are jet and submersible pumps. While these pumps can serve your home's water requirements for decades, they may sporadically fail and stop functioning as expected.

To ensure your water supply goes uninterrupted, here are three telltale signs that you require urgent repairs from a qualified plumber.

The Well Pump Runs Continuously

While well pumps aren't created to run continuously, various factors can affect their normal function, resulting in constant cycling. Water well pump systems have pressure switches designed to regulate their pumping functions. However, defective switches may cause continuous running of the pump, which exerts undue strain on your energy bills and the entire plumbing system. Eventually, the pump deteriorates prematurely and forces you to order a newer replacement.

When your pump runs continuously, the pressure tank fills up at uncontrollable rates. Consequently, water and air pressure are directed to other system parts, such as sinks or showers. Therefore, it's imperative to watch out for these signs and call in a professional plumber for timely repairs before any costly damage occurs.

No or Low Water Pressure

Diminished or insufficient water pressure are among the most common plumbing problems experienced by homeowners. These issues often arise from a pump that requires re-priming. Besides, low pressure can also occur due to leakages in your pump's mechanical seals or your home's piping.

You can quickly diagnose and identify leaking parts by adding soapy water and pressurizing the plumbing system. However, you may require a professional plumber's input to repair more severe cases such as a dried-up well.

Dirty or Contaminated Water

You may immediately notice this problem when the water coming out of your taps isn't crystal clear. Dirty water may result from rusted pipes, soil, and many other contaminants. During installation, submersible well pumps are placed under non-porous bedrocks to prevent potential water contamination. Homeowners who own old model jet pumps can also experience the water contamination problem.

Thus, it's prudent to hire a professional plumber who can assess and thoroughly evaluate your water well pump and system if you notice dirty water coming from your faucets. In so doing, you avoid putting your family's health and safety at risk, as well as other costly well pump repairs.

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