Discussing The Need For Plumbing Services Discussing The Need For Plumbing Services

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Discussing The Need For Plumbing Services

Hey everyone, my name is Joanna. Welcome. I am here to share my knowledge about plumbers with you all. Plumbing professionals ensure the pipes and fixtures in residential and commercial buildings function correctly at all times. When something goes wrong, it is wise to immediately call a plumber to the scene. Otherwise, the leaking fresh or waste water could damage the surrounding building materials, necessitating total replacement of those items. I will use this site to talk about all of the different plumbing services required for each potential problem. I will talk about parts and service techniques in great detail.


What to Do When Your Kitchen Sink Gets Clogged

Have you noticed lately that when you wash dishes in your kitchen sink, the sink drains slowly? This is a good indication that something is clogging your drain. Whether you choose to try to unclog the drain yourself or call a plumber, here are some things you should know.

Doing It Yourself

If you're someone who likes to take matters into their own hands, you will probably try to unclog the sink yourself. There are several ways you can go about doing this. Here are some home remedies you may want to try:

  • Plunger - normally this tool is used for the toilet but it can work to unclog your kitchen sink as well
  • Baking soda and vinegar mixture - combining these ingredients creates an acidic reaction that can get things unstuck
  • Baking soda and salt mixture - you will have to let it stand overnight and then pour boiling water down the drain
  • Wire hanger - unbend the hanger and make a loop at the end to try to pull stuff up with 

If things get flowing, then you've succeeded in unclogging your kitchen sink all by yourself. If things continue to drain slowly, however, and you've tried other methods that don't work, it's time to contact HVAC services.

Using HVAC Services

Since you most likely use your kitchen sink on a regular basis, you might not have time to mess around with getting the sink unclogged yourself. This is one instance when you should contact HVAC services and find a plumber who can help. Some other instances when you should call a professional include the following:

  • You notice other drains in your home are draining slowly
  • Your drains keep getting clogged
  • You notice a foul odor coming from your drain
  • Your drain is making gurgling sounds

If you notice any of the above, this could be an indication of a serious problem with your pipes. Getting this taken care of sooner, rather than later, might prevent an issue from turning into a bigger (and a more expensive) problem.

Preventing Future Problems

No matter how you go about getting your kitchen sink unclogged, the trick is to not have this happen again. Most people know not to pour grease down their drain, but other no-nos include coffee grounds, pasta, rice, and eggshells. When mixed with water, coffee grounds and eggshells get so heavy they can clog the drain. Foods like pasta and rice can expand and form a sticky substance in the pipes. Surprisingly, even liquid drain cleaners can cause problems.

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